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Powerhouse provides industrial burner services for every major manufacturer including Cleaver Brooks, COEN, Todd, Faber, ST Johnson, Powerflame and many more. If you are burning #2 Oil, Natural Gas, Solid Fuel or anything else, Powerhouse has experience with it. Avoid the need for emergency boiler repair; keep your boiler running at optimal efficiency with Powerhouse’s industrial burner service.

Efficiency = Savings

Your boiler is most likely less efficient than it can be. Especially heading into the winter months when your steam and energy needs are at the highest, it is important to service your boiler to improve performance, increase it’s efficiency and save thousands in fuel costs.


Meet the strictest emissions standards by improving your existing boiler’s emissions. Powerhouse is an expert at getting the most out of your equipment. Regulations may force your existing equipment to meet new standards; we can keep your boiler in compliance with natural gas, solid fuel, and oil boiler burner service from certified professionals.


Pressure vessel in good shape? Need more efficiency? Need to lower your emissions? New burner technologies are being introduced all the time, and Powerhouse can retrofit a new burner on your existing boiler and increase your boiler’s efficiency and carbon footprint. Save big over the OEM, use Powerhouse for your industrial burner retrofit.