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Fully certified and licensed boiler operators. High and Low Pressure boilers, complete boiler systems and Powerhouse Portable Boiler Rooms can be run by our highly trained staff. All of our operators are Black Seal certified.

Powerhouse Boiler Operators are not your ordinary boiler operators. Our operators are trained to keep your boiler running at optimal efficiency, at the highest load times and under the safest conditionals possible.

24/7 Boiler Operation

If you have a boiler emergency and need boiler operators for your equipment or a rental boiler, Powerhouse has operators standing by. Our operators have tended to boilers all over the world and are ready for your emergency.

Operation During Rental

If you need a Boiler Rental for a short term, use qualified Powerhouse Boiler Operators for the total package. Our staff built our rental boilers and can operate them to optimum efficiency. Powerhouse can provide turn-key service for a rental boiler including delivery, installation, start-up and finally operation.

Workforce Alternatives

Unexpected work stoppages can cripple your operation. Powerhouse operators can operate your equipment for hours, weeks, months or longer. Avoid the complications and expenses of staffing your own boiler operators by hiring the Boiler Experts at Powerhouse.