How Safety Audits Prepare You For Your Annual Boiler Inspection

What is the Boiler Inspection?

The Benefits of Industrial Boiler Room Safety Audits

Powerhouse Safety Audits Checklist

Inventory Equipment

We will take an inventory of all the boiler parts used in your operation. This makes it easy for you to reference should a specific boiler part malfunction or deteriorate. Ask about our custom database service where we create a portal highlighting this information. Using this database, you can find the part you need and then easily source with our partners at Boiler Geek.

Visual Inspection

One of the primary reasons for your call is to ensure that you are compliant for the upcoming boiler inspection. We will inspect your boiler system and identify any types of damages like leaks, issues with piping and controls, etc. From there, we can handle the necessary maintenance.

Boiler Room Efficiency

During our visit, we can let you know the overall boiler efficiency and provide recommendations on how to optimize your operation. Making a few changes to better operate your boiler room can lead to substantial financial savings for your business.

Compile Report and Send Recommended Plan

In this report, we will highlight the problems that we see along with the boiler efficiency. We will provide our recommendations to fix any issues along with a few notes to optimize your operations.

How It Works With Powerhouse

Boiler Room Safety Audit

In this package, your annual inspection will include an inventory of equipment and a visual inspection of potential damages to your operation. We recommend scheduling this safety audit in the days leading up to your official inspection.

Custom Boiler Parts Database

Since we will be conducting an inventory of your equipment, we can create a custom database for you that includes all of the parts and product numbers so you can easily reference should you need to replace something.

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