Complete boiler feedwater deaerator system completely mounted, piped, and wired inside of a 20’ connex container. Deaerator tank is constructed in accordance with ASME Section VIII code requirements. Total water treatment including a duplex soener system and chemical tanks with pumps. Controls and safety equipment are included and installed for immediate use. A single main power disconnect is provided for single electrical connection.


  • BrandPowerhouse
  • Equipment TypeContainerized
  • Output Capacity0 - 35,000 PPH
  • Design Pressure250
  • Input TypeSaturated Steam
  • Output TypeBoiler Feedwater

MFW-35 Boiler Feedwater System Walkthrough

Follow our lead boiler tech as he walks you through the MFW-35.

Technical Specifications

General Information

  • Powerhouse ModelMFW-35
  • Trailer TypeContainerized
  • Deaerator ManufacturerBFS
  • Deaerator Model35MSX
  • Deaerator Storage448 Gallons
  • Design M.A.W.P.50 PSIG
  • PumpManufacturerGUNDFOS
  • Booster Pump ModelCR 45-1
  • Feedwater Pump ModelCR 32-1
  • Feedwater Output Flow34,500 PPH
  • Feedwater Output Pressure265 PSIG


  • Steam3.0" 300# FLG.
  • City Water2.0" NPT
  • Condensate Return2.0" NPT
  • Overflow & Drain2.0" 300# FLG.
  • Pump Discharge2.0" 300# FLG.


  • Voltage480/3/60 V/PH/Z
  • Amperage (FLA)100 AMPS


  • Overall Length20' 00"
  • Overall Height09' 06"
  • Overall Width08' 00"
  • Shipping Weight29,000 LBS
  • Operating Weight35,000 LBS

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