Powerhouse Goes Electric: Cleaver Brooks 50HP Electric Boiler Now Available for Rent

Powerhouse Boiler Equipment is excited to announce the addition of the first all electric boiler to our rental boiler fleet. This compact, efficient 50HP unit from Cleaver Brooks is designed for commercial and industrial needs, specifically in situations where space or access to a fuel source is limited.

These boilers are perfect as a primary solution for smaller, space constrained situations, or as a supplementary source of hot water or steam when the logistics of using a traditional solution are an issue.

Due to the lack of combustion, these boilers are emissions free, flame free, and much quieter than your typical fuel consuming model. They are also incredibly efficient in operation, which lowers the operating cost and offers a clean alternative to fossil fuels.

If you think your project needs a temporary electric rental boiler, or have any questions about it’s capabilities and advantages, please give our boiler specialists a call.

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