Victory Energy

Victory Energy is an innovative and high-quality manufacturer of boiler and auxiliary products. Victory Energy made a name in niche markets developing superior solutions to customers requirements. An early dedication to lean principles has allowed Victory Energy to grow its product offerings while maintaining quality integrity in every area.

With an excellent team of experienced and knowledgeable leaders and innovators, Victory Energy is the ideal partner for our Portable Boiler Room and Boiler in a Box products. With solutions matched to our demanding requirements, we are proud to work closely with them to continually improve and innovate our rental fleet with the best portable boiler solutions.

Company Background

Victory Energy was founded in 1999 by John Viskup, President and CEO, with the mission to develop and deliver the best products and services to customers. Every step of the way, Victory Energy focused on implementing lean principles in all areas. This dedication to eliminating waste, reducing lead times, and delivering quality products is shown in each of their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Oklahoma.

The commitment to vertical integration makes Victory Energy a one-stop manufacturer for every piece of the boiler system, including boilers (firetube, watertube, HTHW, and HRSG), burners, economizers, water level equipment, and even renewable energy based solutions.

Why Victory Energy?

Every boiler manufactured by Victory Energy is put to the test by a fully self-contained steam test facility, the only company in the industry with such a capability. This allows a customer to personally witness their boiler in operation prior to shipment to prove design and performance. Every boiler comes with the peace of mind that it will be operationally ready from the day of arrival on the job site.

Custom Designs

While Victory Energy maintains a list of “standard equipment” there are endless customizations available to make every unit the perfect match to site requirements. Due to our stringent space requirements, our engineers have worked with Victory Energy to design boiler solutions that align with the superior quality and performance our rental fleet is known for. Even our largest portable boiler rooms are now capable of delivering steam and hot water from a single container due to the engineering collaboration of Powerhouse and Victory Energy.

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