United Brass Valves

United Brass Works, Inc. is known for their steam valves. The company manufactures high quality bronze, ductile iron and carbon steel valves as well as creates custom cast products to meet the customer’s specifications. United Brass also has a Keystone Foundry division that is responsible for pressure tight castings of red brass alloys. With more than a century of industry experience, United Brass offers best-in-class steam valves for industrial boilers.

Company Background

Starting in 1910, United Brass created steam valves specifically for dry cleaning presses. Over the years, the company evolved its leading product to serve more industries, including boilers, HVAC, fire protection and electrical transformers. The company was founded in New York City but has moved its operation to North Carolina. United Brass is committed to delivering high quality products to its customers, including boiler trim valves, industrial valves, fire protection valves and more.

Industrial Boiler Valves

Boiler valves are integral to your operation. United Brass has more than twenty varieties of industrial boiler valves and we wanted to talk a little more about their blowdown valves. Blowdown valves are used to help drain dissolved solids from the boiler water. This is done to remove impurities from the continuing evaporation of steam, which can cause harm to your boiler. Using United Brass blowdown valves will help to facilitate this process so you can run a safe, reliable and efficient operation.

Why United Brass?

United Brass specializes in industrial boiler valves, and we know they put in the extra effort to make high quality products. The company has met the necessary certifications for their products and have a team in place for quality control.

Quality Control

United Brass takes quality control very seriously. From start to finish, the United Brass team is there to oversee the castings and gating systems to ensure that the company is producing high quality products.

Industry Certified

Committed to product excellence, United Brass has received the proper certifications to meet industry requirements. These certificates were awarded by the National Quality Assurance, so you can rest assured that you’ll be working with reliable industrial boiler parts.

Made in USA

United Brass is headquartered in North Carolina with the Keystone Foundry division located in Erie. In these two factories, the company manufactures its products in the United States with their sales office in Las Vegas.

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