Siemens Combustion Controls

Siemens Combustion Controls is a subsidiary of the global enterprise Siemens, yet this subdivision carries its own ingenuity within the combustion controls industry. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of boiler and burner auxiliary equipment, Siemens develops innovative products and complete solutions for commercial/industrial boilers. In addition to manufacturing high-quality boiler parts, Siemens integrates energy-efficient technologies to be more environmentally friendly.

Company Background

Siemens is an international technology company based in Germany that is separated into multiple divisions, including Power and Gas, Energy Management, Building Technologies and more. Within the Boiler Technologies division, the company aims to provide safe, secure and efficient equipment for buildings and infrastructures throughout the entire life cycle. Taking it a step further, the control products and systems OEMs at Siemens are designed to find a solution for any size of a burner.

Additionally, Siemens prioritizes energy-saving technologies and optimum systems throughout the entire organization. In the industrial boiler segment, Siemens sets its own standards of operational excellence and demands its product portfolio features high-efficiency burners, low emission levels and the use of biofuels. Furthermore, Siemens has developed highly specialized flame detectors and sensors that are safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly because these attributes reflect the core values held at Siemens.

Burner Management Systems and Combustion Controls

Combustion control systems work in conjunction with burner management systems. While the burner management system focuses on detecting any issues with the flame, the combustion controls determine how much fuel, air, and water to put into the boiler. Siemens specializes in both to provide a holistic system for commercial boilers.

Controlling the combustion is integral to the overall safety and efficiency of the operation, not to mention, vital to minimizing pollutants. The amount of unburned fuel and excess air in the exhaust are the two components that we look at to determine the combustion efficiency of the boiler system. In other words, how effectively the heat content of a fuel is transferred into usable heat.

Combustion controls regulate the boiler system’s air and fuel inputs to ensure that the combustion efficiency ratio is within the limits that are required for proper combustion. There is an optimum combustion range that we are trying to achieve and maintain within the boiler system, and we use the combustion controls to manage the relationship between unburned fuel and excess air. Performing within the desired range leads to safer operation, improved reliability, increased efficiency, lower operating costs and more.

Meanwhile, burner management systems are used to ensure the safe operation of the burners, and ultimately, the entire boiler system. Having robust flame detectors and sensors are the main components to achieve optimal combustion, so it is imperative that the combustion controls and burners work together to achieve overall boiler efficiency.

Why Siemens?

Siemens is constantly innovating and developing new technologies that lead to complete solutions for its customers. The company sets its own benchmark to provide safe and environmentally-friendly solutions, and their drive to achieve this goal becomes an industry standard of operational excellence. We work with Siemens because we value their commitment to “creating perfect places.”


When dealing with burner management systems and combustion controls, safety is of the utmost importance because a minor infraction can lead to copious amounts of damages in a boiler room. At Siemens, safety is at the forefront of all of its product development.

Energy Efficiency

Siemens continually strives to find energy efficiencies for its products and systems, which can be evidenced in the high-efficiency and low emissions of its burners. Across the organization, Siemens conducts a systematic evaluation of energy flows and consumption to find ways to develop new energy-efficient technologies.

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