Pulsafeeder, a Pulsatron brand, is an industry leader in fluid handling technologies. The company specializes in pumps, controllers and systems to manage high valve liquids, gases and solids. Pulsafeeder was acquired by IDEX Corporation and is a part of their Fluid and Metering Technologies division. With more than seventy-five years of experience, Pulsafeeder innovates and designs technologies like the Pulsatron pumps and Microvision controllers that we continually use to monitor and measure water quality.

Company Background

Founded in 1942, Pulsafeedeer remains a global leader in fluid handling technologies. Larry Wilson designed the first pump that could dose chemicals at an adjustable flow. This new product was accurate and did not leak, which added to the many benefits of this innovation. Fifty years later in 1992, Pulsafeeder was acquired by IDEX Corporation. The operations remain in Florida where Pulsafeeder continues to create products that will improve people’s lives. Their goal is to become the global leader in dosing and monitoring solutions that will provide water professionals with solutions that are efficient and compliant, and they are well on their way to that title.

Why Pulsafeeder?

Pulsafeeder is a solution-oriented business that is dedicated to setting the standard of accuracy, reliability and safety in water treatment equipment. With seventy-five years of expertise, Pulsafeeder offers both standard products and engineered solutions. This makes them a great partner for us because we can work together to deliver the best results to our customers. Lastly, Pulsafeeder’s involvement in the local community makes it a standout organization.

75 Years of Expertise

Pulsafeeder has only built upon the success of its first innovation in 1942. The company continues to make high-quality products that help manage water quality and chemical composition. Pulsafeeder specializes in metering pumps, boiler and process controllers, tanks, parts and accessories.

Custom Solutions

Pulsafeeder offers both standard products and engineered solutions. We often use their line of Pulsatron pumps for chemical dosing in our rental units along with their Microvision Controllers for monitoring water quality and continuous surface blowdown. Due to their commitment to customer satisfaction, Pulsafeeder is always sure to provide us with the product and solution we need.

Local Community Involvement

Pulsafeeder is an active member of its local community in South Florida. The company has contributed to local chapters of Habitat for Humanity, Water.org and Relay for Life. That is something that we also take seriously at Powerhouse and we are always proud to partner with other organizations that share similar values.

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