Honeywell Combustion Controls and Pressuretrols

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 that produces commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems across the world. The company spans across eight industries offering diversified technological and sustainable solutions. We’re most interested in Honeywell’s advancements in the industrial and manufacturing sector. More specifically, Honeywell’s combustion controls and pressuretrols for industrial and commercial boilers. We know Honeywell is committed to delivering the best solutions for its partners and that’s something we can support.

Company Background

In the late 1800s, Mark Honeywell invented a thermostatic heating control. He brought this innovation to market by starting Honeywell Heating Specialty Company in Indiana. He hired W.R. Sweatt as the first chairman, who is credited alongside his son Harold with turning Honeywell into the global technology leader it is today. Honeywell executed an intensive acquisition strategy for the past century, which has allowed it to expand its presence into a worldwide technology and manufacturing company. Honeywell was acquired by AlliedSignal in 1999, but kept its name because of its international brand recognition. Honeywell provides innovative solutions across a myriad of industries including aerospace & defense, buildings & cities, chemicals & materials, industrial & manufacturing and many more. Headquartered in North Carolina, Honeywell strives to serve global communities with sustainable technologies.

Combustion Controls

As part of their environmental and energy solutions, Honeywell offers a product line of combustion controls that is used for commercial and industrial applications. Honeywell manufactures burner controls, boiler controls, flame detectors, industrial flame monitoring, gas valves, integrated panels and so much more.

Combustion controls are integral to the functionality and efficiency of your boiler system. The combustion control system determines the air to fuel mixture and monitors boiler performance. Often, a combustion control system is partnered with a burner management system, which is used to determine if there will be a fire or not. Working in tandem, these systems help boiler operators to prevent unsafe conditions. Honeywell manufactures the components that are necessary for combustion and burner controls.


Honeywell also specializes in pressuretrols. This boiler part controls a steam boiler. It determines when the boiler should start and stop firings based on the steam pressure. Ultimately, the pressuretrol makes sure that pressure in the steam pipes are within a certain range. When the device detects that the pressure exceeds the threshold, it turns off the boiler.

Honeywell offers a variety of pressuretrols that meet different specifications to ensure that there’s one right for your operation.

Why Honeywell?

The company is committed to solving problems that make your business smarter, faster and safer and we are committed to that. With their industry expertise, innovative mindset and international footprint, we know that Honeywell is a great partner for us to help you get the boiler parts you need, when you need them.

Industry Expertise

With more than a century of industry experience, you can count on Honeywell to deliver results in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Honeywell is constantly refining its products and services to be more efficient, safer and smarter for its customers.


Honeywell’s company mantra is “The Future is What We Make It” and with that forward-thinking mindset, you can believe that innovation is one of their core values. Starting with a thermostatic control in the 19th century, Honeywell has evolved into a multi-faceted, multinational business that delivers comprehensive solutions across ten different industries.

International Presence

Starting in Indiana, Honeywell has grown into a worldwide diversified technology company. With a rigorous acquisition strategy, Honeywell has expanded into seventy countries with nearly 1,000 job sites. No matter where you are, Honeywell is there to support you.

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