Faber Burner Company

Faber Burner Company is a family owned and operated manufacturer of premium combustion equipment closing in on 100 years of operation. With incredibly efficient processes and continuous internal development, Faber is a highly valued Powerhouse partner.

Company Background

Founded in 1926, Faber specializes in engineered packaged combustion equipment and multi-burner applications for commercial, industrial, and utility purposes. Faber burners have performed as advertised for over 75 years and are proudly manufactured and tested in the USA out of their Lock Haven, PA headquarters.

Faber’s long history of performance and adaptability to new technologies makes their industrial burners perfect for a wide range of uses.

Why Faber Burner Company?

Continual Product Development

Faber continually re-invests in themselves through their Continuous Development program. This comprehensive internal R&D is supported by their PhDs that specialize in combustion and Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling, and testing with full scale boilers. This means that Faber is always on the cutting edge of combustion technology and their burners are always advancing and improving.

Boiler Experience

Faber’s long operational history means that they have experience with nearly all types of boiler applications. This boiler knowledge allows them to produce watertube boiler burners cheaper and at a higher quality than their less experienced competition.

Customer Service

The staff at Faber Burner Company is among the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the industry. With experienced insight on the design, innovation, technology, and history of combustion equipment, as well as a strong commitment to quality, Faber is an ideal partner for our rental boiler business.

Factory Authorized Distributor Of Faber Burner Company Equipment

Powerhouse is a factory-authorized, stocking distributor for Faber Burner Company. This means that in addition to customized burner projects, our in-stock rental boiler fleet is equipped with Faber burners for immediate delivery. You will pay less for Faber products from Powerhouse than anywhere else - and you won’t have to wait.

We guarantee all Faber Burner Company equipment with a comprehensive warranty so that you will have absolute certainty when it comes to installing and maintaining a reliable boiler system from Powerhouse.

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