Sam Adams Brewery

Samuel Adams is one of Nation’s premier brewers of craft beers. Their annual production is over 6 million barrels. They produce over 30 types of craft beer and distribute their brand all over the world.

In 2008, Boston Beer Company, the parent of Sam Adams Beer, took over the Schaefer Brewery, in Foglesville, PA. In operation since 1971, the brewery changed over to Strohs, Pabst and the Smirnoff Ice before Sam Adams took over. Today, Sam Adams operates this Pennsylvania Brewery in Allentown, PA and employs over 200 local residents.

On Thursday, 18 October, Sam Adams experienced a mechanical boiler malfunction, which would require some boiler down time.

Powerhouse was contacted and immediately shipped the world’s largest portable boiler room to the job site. This portable boiler room was ready for a steam outage and shipped as soon as transportation was arranged.

Powerhouse was called upon to provide our expert boiler technicians to start-up the unit once installed and provide operator training and support to on-site personnel. These technicians were at site Sunday morning and got the plant back online to the customer’s demands.

The Powerhouse Portable Boiler Room was able to provide immediate, critical, process steam, saving the customer from costly down time. The PBR also remained at site, providing the Sams Adams Brewery reliable steam service from one of our rental boilers until they were able to properly and safely repair their boiler.

Boiler problems sometimes happen and Powerhouse is always on-call, with the best rental boiler equipment and services you will find anywhere – just ask Sam Adams.

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