Smooth Continuation of Manufacturing Production with a Temporary Boiler

When a food manufacturing plant needed to upgrade their boiler, Powerhouse stepped in to help keep production running smoothly. Keeping food production continuous during a boiler swap proved to be a unique challenge, but Powerhouse tackled it head-on.

The Problem

When it comes to food production, keeping facilities clean is a must. This manufacturer uses their boiler for a hot water clean in place (CIP), so they had to make sure that the boiler upgrade didn’t interfere with their cleaning schedule. Not only did they have to keep the hot water flowing, but they needed it to be 7 MMBTU with a 100 degree differential of domestic hot water.

The Solution

Powerhouse helped this Minnesota-based manufacturer keep their equipment clean throughout the boiler replacement process with a RH-250 Portable Boiler Room, HX-400 heat exchanger, and expert assembly and knowledge. In the end, the manufacturer was able to keep their production going without any issues with the help of Powerhouse.

The Results

The replacement boiler was successfully installed and production was able to continue throughout the process thanks to Powerhouse’s rental services. Now, the manufacturer has a reliable new boiler and took part in another Powerhouse success story.


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