Concord Steam

For over 80 years, Concord Steam has provided steam to the New Hampshire State House and other State Government buildings in Concord, New Hampshire. However, due to the appeal of natural gas and its lower prices, the last-of-its-kind wood fired boiler plant is shutting down its Concord operations for good.

The Problem

Needless to say, the city’s plan to move on from Concord Steam and update their public heating systems involved countless moving parts and intense planning. And with so much of Concord depending on the Concord Steam plant to provide heat through several underground steam loops for so many years, a temporary power solution in the interim needed to be provided. This solution would also need to be large enough to supply the same amount of steam as the wood fired steam plant had been providing the city since its inception.

The Solution

With the plant set to be shut down, Powerhouse was contacted and immediately set up several site visits in Concord, NH to plan the installation of several Portable Boiler Rooms for the city. These site visits were integral to setting up a rental project of this scale.

After months of site visits, meetings, and phone conversations, the two optimal sites to place temporary boiler plants were determined. The total steam load requirements were calculated and recalculated to make sure the size of the Powerhouse portable boiler rooms were accurate and assured to work.

Powerhouse moved two 800 HP Portable Boiler Rooms into place at the State Hospital complex, and one 500 HP Portable Boiler Room to the State Capital Complex in the Spring of 2017. These initial units would be joined by additional 800 HP and 500 HP Portable Boiler Rooms to these respective locations to handle the increased steam requirements in the winter months. The massive undertaking of setting these boilers in place, running connections, steam, gas, feed water, and electrical was handled by a combination of RH White, Liberty Utilities, the State of New Hampshire, and Powerhouse.

The Results

As a result of these installations, Powerhouse provided over 117,000 pounds of steam per hour between the two Portable Boiler Room plants. All of the locations within Concord that had been receiving their steam from the Concord Steam plant is successfully being provided steam for heat and hot water.

The two Powerhouse portable steam plants will remain in Concord until the state capital completes its long term task of converting the city’s buildings to natural gas by completing the install of permanent gas fired boiler plants at various locations throughout the State Capital.

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