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Industries such as electronic component manufacturing and energy have been recent leaders in New Hampshire’s economy. These industries depend on Steam Boilers in their operations. They require dependable boilers from a company that has experience and expertise in all aspects of boiler operation and service. Powerhouse Boiler Equipment has proudly stood for great service and honest hard work for over 30 years, making us the ideal go-to company for all you boiler needs.

Your New Hampshire business can rely on Powerhouse Boiler Equipment for both temporary and permanent steam solutions to keep your operations up and running. Powerhouse Boiler Equipment experts will respond 24/7 to any type of boiler emergency you may have. If you want to rent a boiler, we will deliver a completely portable right-sized rental boiler to your New Hampshire business site within hours. If you want to buy a brand new boiler or a reconditioned boiler, we can provide same-day shipment. Expert start-up service, operator training and turnkey installation is always included.

New Hampshire Boiler Projects

New Hampshire Industries and Customers

Our experience in the boiler industry is unparalleled. Here are a handful of the customers and industries that Powerhouse has worked with in NH.


  • Boyle Energy Services & Technology
  • Liberty Energy Utilities


  • Tri-K Industries
  • Tri-Med Inc.
  • Velcro USA Inc.
  • Contitech Thermopol

Health Services

  • Parkland Medical Center


  • NH Department of Administrative Services


  • TerraTherm


  • Ossipee Mountain Land Company


  • E&R Laundry & Dry Cleaners
  • Elden Consulting & Industrial Services

Why Powerhouse?

Exceptional industrial boiler expertise and commitment to service is the reason why businesses in New Hampshire and across the U.S., Canada, South America and beyond choose Powerhouse Boiler Equipment for their complete industrial boiler needs. Within hours we can dispatch a seasoned boiler technician to your New Hampshire location and install a temporary steam boiler to keep operations running smoothly. In addition to operating the nation’s largest fleet of portable commercial boilers and industrial rental boilers, we stock and sell a wide range of used boiled and new boilers that ready to ship immediately with full factory warranties. Servicing a wide range of boiler-related equipment, including heat exchangers and deaerators, is also in our wheelhouse.

Whether you face a steam boiler emergency or wish to plan for your company’s future steam boiler needs, the experts at Powerhouse Boiler Equipment can provide the right solution for you. With our state-of-the-art headquarters facility in Delanco, NJ, houses the largest fleet of portable commercial and industrial rental boilers in the U.S., we’ve got everything you need just a few hours drive away.