Boilers are the heart of many processes driving successful businesses, facilities, and industries. Almost every industry relies on boilers to complete their everyday operations, including the healthcare (hospitals), university, food and beverage, and textile industries.

A clear understanding of all the various systems and preparations involved in successful boiler operation is critical to the stable, efficient, and safe operation of the equipment, as a properly maintained boiler room will keep your facility running safely and efficiently.

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Boiler 101

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Intro to Steam Boilers

Steam is a vital component to any boiler operation so it’s important to understand how steam functions to keep your boilers running safely and consistently.


Why Boiler Tube Repair is Important

Because boiler tubes are responsible for the heat transfer, boiler tube maintenance and repair is essential for proper boiler operation and safety. We lay out how to diagnose and fix watertube and firetube boilers.


Boiler Safety Equipment Basics

Every jurisdiction has a set of laws or guidelines to follow to ensure the safe operation of pressure vessels. We’ve provided the basics on boiler safety equipment.


Your Guide to Green Boiler Technology

Many companies are looking to become more environmentally friendly. This guide aims to explain the factors that determine an "eco-friendly boiler" as well as the types of industrial boilers that have a reduced carbon footprint.


The #1 Industrial Boiler Sizing Guide

When you start the process to replace your current boiler system, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is “What size boiler do I need?”


Choosing a Commercial Boiler

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a commercial boiler. We've put together a comprehensive guide to help you get started with the decision-making process.


Why Rent an Industrial Boiler?

Why rent an industrial boiler? Great question! We explain the reasons we use rental boilers, the different types, how to rent an industrial boiler and more in this comprehensive guide.


The Essential Guide to Industrial Hot Water Boilers

We'll explain the difference between industial hot water boilers and steam boilers as well as explore the various types and advantages of hot water boiler systems.


What is Boiler Efficiency?

Boiler efficiency is used to assess the performance of the boiler and the burner as a means to determine the fuel and maintenance costs of your boiler operations. Understanding this ratio can have a huge financial impact on your boiler operations!


Boiler Reconditioning Process

Every reconditioned, used boiler Powerhouse sells includes a rigorous twenty-eight point inspection process. All of our used boilers meet our stringent Certification Process and the quality of the boiler is back to “like new” condition.


Reconditioned Used Boilers Are as Good as New

Buying a boiler can be a large investment for any business, often causing business to continue using unreliable and inefficient equipment for far too long. One way to make upgrading more accessible is by buying a reconditioned used boiler.


Steam Generators vs. Steam Boilers

If you are searching for a steam energy solution for your business, you have likely come across the confusing differentiation between a steam generator and a steam boiler. They both produce steam, but they do so in fundamentally different ways.


Circulation Pumps for Closed Loop Systems

One of the most often misunderstood concepts when it comes to the mechanical systems of buildings is the circulation of a closed loop system. In this article, we will give some guidance on the concepts involved and their application.


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