Complete boiler feedwater deaerator system mounted, piped, and wired inside two 20’ stackable connex containers. Deaerator tank, located in the upper container, is constructed in accordance with ASME Section VIII code requirements. Water treatment and supply, located in the lower container, including a duplex softener system, chemical feed, and high pressure feedwater pumps. Controls and safety equipment are included and installed for immediate use. A single main power disconnect is provided for single electrical connection.


  • BrandPowerhouse
  • Equipment TypeContainerized
  • Output Capacity70,000 - 100,000 PPH
  • Design Pressure470
  • Input TypeSaturated Steam
  • Output TypeBoiler Feedwater

Technical Specifications

General Information

  • Powerhouse ModelMFW-100
  • Trailer TypeContainerized
  • Deaerator ManufacturerIndustrial Steam
  • Deaerator Model30SF5-DM
  • Deaerator Storage2,415 GALLONS
  • Design M.A.W.P.50 PSIG
  • Pump ManufacturerGOULDS
  • Feedwater Pump Model46SV-10/2
  • Feedwater Output Flow 100,000 PPH
  • Feedwater Output Pressure470 PSIG


  • Steam6.0" 300# FLG.
  • City Water3.0" 150# FLG.
  • Condensate Return3.0" 150# FLG.
  • Overflow & Drain2.0" 150# FLG.
  • Pump Discharge3.0" 300# FLG.
  • Softener Regen Drain2.0" NPT
  • Instrument Air0.75" NPT


  • Voltage480/3/60 V/PH/HZ
  • Amperage (FLA)220 AMPS


  • Overall Length20' 06"
  • Overall Height19' 01"
  • Overall Width08'06"
  • Shipping Weight60,000 LBS
  • Operating Weight90,000 LBS

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