Introducing 801 Boiler

Today Powerhouse is proud to announce the launch of our partner company: 801 Boiler. 801 Boiler was formed to offer any and all aftermarket boiler solutions, custom-designed for the needs of our customers. The product offerings currently provided by the business include OEM and spare boiler parts offered through Boiler Geek, a complete boiler room automation system sold through BoilerLink, and six boiler room subscription services offered through 801 Boiler as part of our Boiler Plus package.

The concept behind 801 Boiler began with a realization that we shared the same problem as our customers: we struggled to find a high-quality partner for all of the industrial boiler services a boiler room requires. We know how difficult it can be to find boiler parts, how expensive they can be, how unreliable sub-contractors can be - among other issues - so we set out to develop the capabilities to deliver solutions that matched our expertise. With the launch of 801 Boiler, we’ve done just that.

801 Boiler is not a new idea, just an idea executed correctly by the longtime industrial boiler experts from Powerhouse. The 801 Boiler team looks forward to becoming the all-in-one solution for all of your aftermarket industrial boiler service needs.

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