Thanks to decades of experience in more than 160 markets around the world, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in a wide diversity of processes, needs and objectives in the petrochemical industry.

Chemical Processing

Steam is used for the separation of various types of chemicals from one another in stripping towers, in which stream pulls unwanted contaminants from the process fluid. Steam may also be used in keeping the various liquids at ideal storage and transport temperatures indirectly through coils and heat exchangers or directly through steam injection.

Crude Oil, Feed & Pre Treatment

Crude oil often contains water, inorganic salts, suspended solids, and water-soluble trace metals. The pretreatment or desalting process helps to reduce corrosion, plugging, and fouling of equipment.


Steam distillation is the process of separating out compounds or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The advantage of this process is that steam distillation reduces decomposition of temperature-sensitive compounds, making it more useful for the purification of organic compounds.

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Chemical Processing