Power Flame Burners

Power Flame is a subsidiary of Astec Industries, Inc. and specializes in commercial combustion equipment. At the forefront of their company’s mission, Power Flame is committed to providing products that are productive, reliable and safe with unparalleled customer service. Even more importantly, Power Flame designs and manufactures products that are environmentally-conscious.

Company Background

Based in Kansas, Power Flame has more than fifty years of manufacturing experience. In 2016, Astec Industries acquired the burners and combustion controls manufacturer. Power Flame is a part of Astec Industries Energy Group because of its commitment to developing low emission technologies. In fact, Power Flame assists environmental authorities to set new emission standards in global markets.

Why Power Flame?

Powerhouse shares Power Flame’s core values. In addition to offering innovative solutions, both of us are committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure we meet the diverse needs of customers. We measure our success based on the reliability, safety and efficiency of your boiler room, and we’re not satisfied until you are.

Great Value

Power Flame delivers high-quality products at a great price. The manufacturing company couples its advanced products with support services to ensure that you are always pushing to improve performance.

Product Range

Power Flame has an extensive product portfolio of burners and combustion control systems. We primarily use their Type C burners in our rental fleet; however, we are able to work on any size project and procure any of their large selection of equipment. Their products range from 400 Mbtu/hr to 120 MMbtu/hr.

Low Emissions

With an innovative and forward-thinking approach, Power Flame develops technologies that convert liquid or gaseous fuels into usable energy. Their commitment to designing and building environmentally-conscious products makes them a leader in the industry.

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