Oilon Burners

Oilon manufactures a huge range of burners for commercial and industrial boilers as well as a number of other heating solutions. Their burners and combustions systems are designed for liquid and gaseous fuels within a capacity range of 10 kW to 90 MW and are compatible with all industrial use cases.

Company Background

Based out of Finland, Oilon Group was originally founded in 1961 as a family-owned energy and environmental technology company focused on the design and manufacturing of heavy fuel burners and combustion systems. Over the next several decades Oilon expanded their operations internationally, with production facilities opening in China and the United States along with sales offices in Russia and Brazil.

The high quality burners and heating solutions that Oilon began rapidly and routinely producing are now used worldwide for a wide range of uses, including power plants, waste incineration plants, marine boilers, district heating plants, industrial HVAC systems, and private residences.

Why Oilon Burners?

Oilon matches our enthusiasm for customer service and constant innovation at every level. Their long-tenured standing as one of the most reliable burner manufacturers in the industry makes them an incredibly valuable partner.

Versatile Burner Solutions

Oilon has a huge range of high tech, stylish burners suitable for any boiler’s needs. Powerhouse is always stocked with a variety of Oilon industrial firetube burners - including our most popular burner, the Oilon Burner Series 50-90.

Constant Innovation

Oilon has an extensive in-house research and development program focused on the improved energy efficiency and decreased emission levels of their products.

Knowledgeable Support

With over 50 years experience producing some of the highest quality burners in the industry, Oilon’s experience and enthusiasm for customer support are unmatched.

Factory Authorized Distributor Of Oilon Burners

Powerhouse is a factory-authorized, stocking distributor for Oilon Burners. This means that both our equipment line and in-stock boiler fleet are equipped with Oilon components for immediate delivery. You will pay less for Oilon products from Powerhouse than anywhere else - and you won’t have to wait.

We guarantee all Oilon burners with a comprehensive warranty so that you will have absolute certainty when it comes to installing and maintaining a reliable boiler system from Powerhouse.

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