Nebraska Boiler

Nebraska Boiler is the world’s premier manufacturer of watertube boilers. A Nebraska boiler is manufactured to the highest standards and is the most technologically advanced boiler available.

Powerhouse utilizes only the Nebraska O Type watertube boiler in its rental fleet. Its reliability and performance can not be matched.

Why We Love Doing Business With Nebraska

The Name

The Nebraska name has meant top-of-the-line quality for over 75 years. The brand name recognition of Nebraska Boiler is second-to-none.

Experts On Every Level

If you need to know anything about watertube boilers, the folks at Nebraska will have an answer for you. They can tell you the exact boiler design that will work best for your application.

Support Network

Nebraska shares the Cleaver Brooks representative network (CBRA) which provides easy access to boiler parts, service and support no matter where you boiler is installed.

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