Marlo Incorporated

Marlo Incorporated is dedicated to its industry promise: “Quality Products for Quality Water.” In order to fulfill this promise, Marlo Incorporated manufactures an extensive line of products for industrial and commercial applications to solve water treatment problems. More specifically, the company specializes in industrial water treatment equipment, industrial water purification and commercial water softeners. We often use Marlo’s water softeners for our rental equipment because the company is willing to go above and beyond to customize solutions for our unique requirements.

Company Background

Based in Wisconsin, Marlo Incorporated was founded in 1973 by Fred and Mike Glines. The company started producing residential equipment to aid water conditioning. A few years later, Marlo expanded its product line to include softeners and filters for industrial and commercial applications. The company continued to grow its team, facility and product lines for the next thirty years. Now, Marlo has an office and facility space greater than 32,000 sq. ft. with more than 150 years of combined experience in its manufacturing and marketing team. The family operated business continues to provide a comprehensive product line of Reverse Osmosis and Deionization equipment.

Why Marlo Incorporated?

Marlo Incorporated is a family-operated business like Powerhouse, and that means something to us. Marlo Incorporated is dedicated to delivering complete solutions to address any water treatment issues. The company has top-of-the-line equipment and will go even further to create custom designs. Their global expertise and solutions make them a great partner.

High-Quality Products

For 40 years, Marlo has been developing and engineering water treatment equipment for industrial and commercial applications. Marlo continues to innovate and use the most current technologies to manufacture high-quality products. Being an industry leader, we often partner with the company for its water softener systems, reverse osmosis systems and deionizer systems.

Customized Designs

Marlo offers custom-designed systems, which we find to be one of the best attributes of the company. For our rental equipment, Marlo will customize its water softener systems to meet our unique requirements. And, for that, we are very grateful.

Global Expertise and Solutions

The company expands many industries including agricultural, power/steam generation, hotels/resorts and food/beverage production to name a few. Additionally, they have a global presence and can work with you to deliver a custom-engineered solution. The small team is filled with industry experts that will make sure their products deliver quality water.

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