Industrial Steam

Industrial Steam is a leading manufacturer of pressurized and atmospheric deaerators for industrial boilers. Alongside LES Boilers, Industrial Fuel Systems, Atlantic Feedwater Systems, and Wilson Engineering, they are one of five “sister companies” that provide top quality products and services to the boiler sector.

Industrial Steam has developed exclusive designs that sets them apart from the competition. Custom engineered systems and guaranteed performance from 0 - 100% capacity make them both unique and a perfect partner for Powerhouse.

Company Background

Founded almost 90 years ago by John C. Cleaver and Raymond Brooks, Cleaver Brooks began with an intense focus on mass producing small, portable boilers for commercial and industrial boiler needs. Today, Cleaver Brooks maintains start-of the art manufacturing facilities, R&D and customer support facilities.

Their strong commitment to pushing the envelope of boiler design through hefty investments in research and development has made them a leader in compact, high efficiency boilers like the CBEX and Nebraska D series.

Why Industrial Steam?

Industrial Steam has been an innovator in the industry and an early adopter and pioneer of many new technologies, including a unique line of dual compartment deaerator systems.

Constant Innovation

Industrial Steam is an innovator in the world of steam flow deaerators. They manufacture a great product that fits Powerhouse boilers and provides the deaeration we need for our rental units. Our large FW trailers use these well built tanks for providing feedwater to our watertube boilers.

Unrivaled Experience

Industrial Steam is a longtime fixture in the boiler equipment industry, and as such, has an in-depth knowledge base that they can quickly leverage to assess the needs of our clients and address any requirements.


The industrial boiler rental business is ever changing and equipment must be designed for the worst case scenario. Industrial Steam has been a fantastic partner for Powerhouse that gets our goals and supports our vision.

Your Trusted Source For Industrial Steam Deaerators

Powerhouse is a factory-authorized distributor of Industrial Steam deaerators. This means that both our equipment line and in-stock boiler fleet are equipped with Industrial Steam components for immediate delivery. You will pay less for Industrial Steam’s high quality products from Powerhouse than anywhere else - and you won’t have to wait!

We guarantee all Industrial Steam equipment with a comprehensive warranty so that you will have absolute certainty when it comes to installing and maintaining a reliable boiler system from Powerhouse.

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