Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps is a subsidiary of ITT Inc., and is a leading manufacturer of pumps. Since the company’s inception, Goulds Pumps continues to innovate and advance technologies. Its first product was a wooden pump banded with iron in 1848 and now offers a vast selection of industrial pumps, valves, monitoring and control equipment as well as an array of services that aim to improve efficiencies. We partner with Goulds Pumps because of their 170 years of experience in delivering exceptional products that meet the needs of our clients.

Company Background

Founded in 1848, Goulds Pumps is still based where it all began in Seneca Falls, New York. In the company’s first 100 years of existence, Goulds Pumps created a myriad of products, including a wooden pump banded with iron, close-coupled pump, self-priming centrifugal pump and so much more. In 1997, ITT Industries acquired the company, but recently split the business into two segments in 2011. Goulds Water Technologies is a part of the Xylem portfolio, which serves residential and commercial needs. Goulds Pumps remains with ITT Inc. and is focused on industrial customers.

Why Goulds Pumps?

Goulds Pumps continuous innovation and broad selection of products allows us to meet the different parameters for our clients. Even more so, their products perform at a higher level, which allows us to deliver a better comprehensive solution.


If you take a look at Goulds Pumps company timeline, you will notice that they have continually introduced new pumps that are on the cutting-edge of technology. Leading with innovation, Goulds Pumps pushes the industry forward with its fluid solutions.

Industry Experience

It’s not often that you find an organization with more than 170 years of experience, in any industry, for that matter. Goulds Pumps’ expertise allows them to develop a broad selection of products that meets the needs of its clients as well as create comprehensive solutions when needed.

Optimal Performance

Goulds Pumps creates high-quality products that gets the job done. We often use their centrifugal pumps in our demanding rental units because of their ability to match pump performance. This allows us to use fewer pumps to achieve the desired result.

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