Fulton Boiler Company

Based out of Pulaski, New York, The Fulton Companies has been making quality commercial boilers for over 60 years. While Fulton’s specialty has traditionally been smaller steam and hot water boilers, they continue to research and develop bigger boilers such as the FB-S Horizontal Firetube Boiler.

Today, Fulton is truly a worldwide operation with 875 employees spread across manufacturing facilities and sales offices in 5 countries on several continents. Their expertise in smaller, low power commercial boilers makes them a perfect partner for Powerhouse.

Company Background

The Fulton Companies was founded almost 70 years ago when Lewis Palm invented the first Vertical Tubeless Boiler in his garage, which quickly became a very popular steam solution for commercial dry cleaning and laundry applications.

The company grew quickly, built with a keen focus on efficiency through new technologies, and before long they had developed several new product lines. Their continued success is a result of a heavy focus on research and development, with a vast expertise in the boiler industry that allows them to continually develop high-quality products built with both proven and new designs.

Why Fulton?

Fulton boiler designs are proven in perhaps more installations than any other commercial boiler company in the world. Their innovative designs and incredible focus on quality have set the benchmark for small scale boilers across the boiler industry, and have helped them grow into the trusted and successful brand that the are today.

The Vertical Boiler Standard

If you need a vertical boiler for your laundry, apartment complex, brewery or hospital, Fulton is the company you trust. A vertical boiler minimizes the amount of space required in your boiler room and many models can fit through a standard doorway. Fulton offers vertical boilers that can produce high pressure, high quality steam. Their design allows for simple installation, ease of operation and repairability.

Exceptional Product Support

Product support from the Fulton Company is second-to-none, with a comprehensive warranty program, easy access to aftermarket parts and a supportive on-call customer support team. The Fulton boiler team has seen it all; predicted performance sheets, engineered designs and case studies are all at-the-ready for a huge variety of use cases

Factory Authorized Distributor Of Fulton Boilers

Powerhouse can sell and ship Fulton Boiler products anywhere in the world at extremely competitive prices. While we do not carry any Fulton boilers in stock, our strong partnership with them allows us to achieve quick turnarounds and preferred pricing for their boilers. We generally recommend a Fulton boiler in cases where our customers need a durable, high-efficiency boiler below 50HP. Occasionally, we’ll come across a used Fulton boiler that we can refurbish and sell as a lower cost solution, but they never last long!

Let us know if you’re in the market for a Fulton Boiler, or are seeking solutions for your low power boiler needs. We’d love to help!

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