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With more than 100 years of industry expertise, Bell & Gossett is a leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. In 2011, the company was acquired by Xylem - a global brand that serves the water market in a multitude of industries. This makes Bell & Gossett the perfect addition to Xylem’s portfolio since it provides numerous products aimed to solve water problems. Together, the companies can offer a diverse range of products to create energy-efficient solutions that meet the world’s most critical water challenges.

Company Background

Founded in 1916, E.J. Gossett partnered with W.C. Bell to manufacture and sell case hardening compounds. Gossett soon bought out Bell and created a business that was built on continuous innovation and exceptional customer service. Gossett ran the business for 46 years and expanded the company through acquisitions and product innovation. Some of the biggest engineering breakthroughs included the new design of a hydronic heat booster pump, microprocessor control, close-coupled inline mounted pump and equipment selection software. This innovative mindset led to the acquisition of the company in 1963 by ITT Corp. and then again in 2011 by Xylem Inc. Due to the entrepreneurial spirit of Bell & Gossett leadership over the past century has led to the success of the organization today.

Why Bell & Gossett?

We work with Bell & Gossett because of their rich history to provide innovative products that meet the demands of their clients. Additionally, great customer service is one of the founding principles of the company and we can confirm that Bell & Gossett offers a strong network of representatives that understand our business and deliver reliable solutions for our operations.

Reliable Products

Bell & Gossett provides products for every sector. The company has an extensive line of in-line and base-mounted centrifugal pumps and circulators, which are made with exceptional quality. Their pumps are engineered for optimal performance with ease of maintenance. Meanwhile, their pressure vessels’ product line, Bell & Gossett offers heat exchangers, expansion tanks and condensate tanks. We use their u-tube heat exchanger in our rental fleet, and also have their condensate receiver and pump systems available for rent or purchase.

Customer Service

The company has a person-first mentality and provides exceptional customer service for their clients. With more than a century of industry expertise, the representatives at Bell & Gossett are extremely knowledgeable about their products and services. This makes them a valued partner because they are willing to provide custom solutions to meet your needs.


Bell & Gossett is dedicated to creating energy-efficient solutions. One of their company goals is to “provide customers with solutions that help them achieve greater overall system efficiency,” and they are well on their way. As an example, Bell & Gossett has created a “POWER OF e” platform, which focuses on efficient solutions for operating conditions.

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