Bonesaw Brewery


Bonesaw is a brand new brewery in Glassboro, NJ that needed a reliable boiler for their brewing processes. We were contacted late in the project so meeting fast deadlines was a concern as the building construction was underway. The building was designed for future expansion with the ability to add additional equipment to double production when ready. As a result, the desire was to keep the boiler footprint as small as possible while not sacrificing reliability or performance.


Powerhouse’s stock of new boilers and expertise in boiler room equipment was exactly what was needed to provide the right equipment fast. We were able to provide a vertical 50 HP skid-mounted boiler complete with feedwater tank and pump for minimal footprint. With this complete and compact boiler system, Bonesaw will be able to expand production and add a second boiler for increased steam requirements when needed.


Bonesaw is currently serving up freshly brewed ales in their brand new facility where the Powerhouse boiler will provide many years of reliable service.

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